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Meet the Artist

As a visual artist Erin is invested in place, sense of place, and the memory of places of importance in one's life. Documenting these spaces either from direct observation or through a remembrance, her work focuses on the experiential nature of landscape, using mixed media to record the specific experiences of each location. Primarily working with the landscape of the Adirondack Park, Erin usually depicts the places she encounters on endless walks through the woods and trails. 


As an art educator she has worked in both traditional and non-traditional classrooms with toddlers, children, teenagers and adults. She is a Massachusetts certified Teacher of Visual Art and currently teaches high school level art in the Lynn Public Schools in Massachusetts.


Erin tries to impart in her students a sense of ownership of their developing work. Students are encouraged to engage with the observable nature of their life's environment as a springboard for art, regardless of its eventual representational or abstract manifestation.

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